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Page 4 | 23 May - 05

Page 4 | 23 May - 05 June 2018 News Matters CITYMATTERS.LONDON HOW THE CORP IS MAKING SLOW CONNECTIONS A THING OF THE PAST LET’S TALK CITY: Catherine McGuinness, the City of London’s policy chairman, explains how the authority is working to ensure residents are no longer hampered by sluggish broadband We’re better connected THERE is nothing more frustrating than when the little wheel on your screen keeps going round and round and you’re in the middle of the best part of a film that you’ve been streaming, or when you can’t connect when you’re up against a deadline. In today’s modern world a fast Internet connection should be a basic human right, now more than ever before. Our lives have come to rely heavily on technology, be it to do business, read the daily news on a phone or tablet, catch up on the latest episode on Netflix or send emails from your computer. The Internet and the speed of it has become a necessity, not a luxury. Limited Historically the Capital has suffered from poor broadband speeds, with London being ranked 26th out of 33 European capitals with the worst broadband speed. Most of the social housing estates across London run by the City of London Corporation only have copper wire broadband, which is limited to speeds of 10 megabits per second or less. We are now partnering with fibre providers Community Fibre, Hyperoptic and Vision Fibre Media to connect all of our housing estates with ‘Fibre To The Premises’ (FTTP). FTTP will offer faster broadband – speeds up to one gigabit per second – at affordable prices, with a low priced, no contract option broadband service for those on benefits or low incomes. FTTP provides a fibre optic connection all the way from the telephone exchange to your home, whereas traditional fibre broadband or FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet) is a fibre connection to your local on-street cabinet, then a copper connection from the cabinet to your home – making everything a whole lot slower. FTTP will be rolled out to all 7,500 residents in the 12 central London housing estates which we run, by mid-2019. First to receive the superfast broadband or FTTP service will be residents living on the Avondale and Southwark estates. Installation has started and will be completed in two weeks. These new broadband services will stretch across all our housing in six London boroughs including Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Lewisham, Tower Hamlets and, of course, here in the City of London. And communal areas on each estate will also benefit from a one gigabit per second WiFi hotspot for residents to use. The City of London Corporation continues talk to the government and the telecoms industry to respond to the pressing need to provide faster broadband for residents at an affordable price. Many local authorities are still viewed as a major barrier to providing improved broadband coverage to social housing estates. But our roll out of FTTP seeks to ensure that our residents are connected with first-class broadband at an affordable price. Soon, residents will be able to enjoy vastly improved wireless connectivity, and this project should ensure that a slow connection across the City of London’s social housing estates and in the Square Mile is a thing of the past.

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