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Notice of application to

Notice of application to vary a Premises Licence under Section 34 of the Licensing Act 2003 Notice is hereby given that Polo Bar Limited has applied to City Of London for a Variation of a Premises Licence in respect of Premises known as Polo Bar, 176 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4NQ. The proposed variation is: To vary the layout of the premises in accordance with the revised layout drawings attached to the application, drawing No’s 500 Rev A, 501, 502 Rev A and 503. The applicant is seeking to utilise an additional area on the first floor and is seeking to include this within the licensed area. Please note the applicant is not seeking to vary the hours or licensable activities, which will remain as currently licensed. A record of this application is held by the City of London and can be viewed by members of the public online by visiting or by appointment at the offices of City of London licensing authority, Walbrook Wharf, 78-83 Upper Thames Street, London EC4R 3TD. Any person wishing to make a representation in relation to this application must give notice in writing to the licensing authority at the address shown above, giving in detail the grounds of objection by no later than 7th August 2018. It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application. A person is liable to an unlimited fine on conviction should such a false statement be made. Poppleston Allen The Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG R W X T U S X V V Y S R U Z W Z LEVEL ONE 72 LEVEL TWO 660 LEVEL THREE 429 -12 x2 ÷4 ➥ ÷10 ➥ +86 ➥ 2/3 OF THIS ➥ ➥ ➥ +137 ➥ ÷5 ➥ -79 ➥ -22 ➥ 25% OF THIS ➥ √ OF THIS ➥ +14 ➥ -15 ➥ x7.5 ➥ -9 ➥ ÷2 ➥ +22.5 ➥ ÷5 ➥ x1.5 ➥ 60% OF THIS ➥ TIMES ITSELF ➥ TIMES ITSELF ➥ 5/6 OF THIS ➥ +7 ➥ +249 ➥ x7 ➥ ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER T S W T T Y V S

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