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Page 20 | 03 - 16 April

Page 20 | 03 - 16 April 2019 Wellness Matters SWEATY bodies of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Fierce Grace. It’s one of the few yoga studios in London where people aren’t obsessed with looks, preferring to focus on form and mindfulness instead. This makes it perfect for beginners afraid of slipping all over the place while trying to get into uncomfortable positions in front of strangers. There is absolutely no judgement here. In fact, making mistakes and looking silly is encouraged. Exhausting Instructors want people to try something different and to push themselves without fear of failing. All the while being safe, of course. The studio is hot and muggy and some of the classes can be truly exhausting, but these classes are refreshingly relaxed and void of ego. Definitely worth trying out. What is it? The Fierce Grace team works hard to help demystify hot yoga. It isn’t an Indian secret mystery club; nor is it about being the strongest or most flexible person in the room. But it is about getting off the couch, challenging yourself and simply perfecting a pose. It’s also about sweating out the stress and anxiety we build up in ourselves. The massive 2,200sq ft underground City studio located by Old Street is a Mecca of hot yoga in London. It boasts eight different classes made for the yoga shy, the injured, and the advanced yogis, too. It isn’t just for the young and fit folk out there. We’ve never been to a yoga class which has such a varied make up of people taking part. That’s what makes this space so special. How does it work? First things first, you’ve got to choose one of the specially-designed hot yoga classes. For beginners, we recommend starting easy with ‘In’. It is a deep, slow class, based entirely on the floor. Think of it as yoga physiotherapy which is deeply correcting, aligning and releasing. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. You’ll leave feeling you’ve worked out. But you shouldn’t get too dizzy or overwhelmed. And CITYMATTERS.LONDON COMPLETE YOUR PILGRIMAGE TO THE ‘MECCA OF HOT YOGA IN LONDON’ if you feel you’re up for more, jump up to the signature ‘Fierce Grace’ class which brings a little bit everything into one. It’s a great base for those who are semi-regular yogis or even beginners. ‘Fierce’, ‘Wild’ and ‘The Fix’ are for the more experienced yogis and will really push you hard. Then, just make sure you drink at least 1.5 litres of water two hours before class, and don’t eat much beforehand either. Bring in your own towels, a full water bottle (the regulars freeze their water at home for extra special refreshment) and a yoga mat. But you can hire mats and towels if you’d like as well. Once you’re done, drag your sweaty body to the communal open-plan showers and get ready to re-enter the real world. Again, everyone is very open and body positive here, so don’t fret about getting nude in front of others while washing off. What are the benefits? There are unbound body and mind benefits associated with hot yoga. For one, you tend to burn more calories due to your increased heart rate and metabolism. The blood flow to your arms and legs is also increased, delivering more oxygenated blood to the muscles. You also improve muscle tone Tried & Tested: Hot Yoga with Fierce Grace and flexibility much faster thanks to the heat and movements, while the general meditative qualities of yoga help reduce stress. It can also help with body detoxification. That’s not because you sweat out all the bad stuff you drank and ate on the weekend; instead most of it comes from the extra hydration you are forced to undergo. By drinking lots of water, your gastrointestinal, urinary, and cardiovascular systems will work far better, shaping up: classes raise the temperature naturally detoxifying tissues and cells and clearing the waste more readily from the body. And on top of all that, each class is designed for more specific benefits. Just pick and choose which suits your own needs and skill level. How much? The intro offer of 30 days of unlimited yoga is priced at £39, while the usual monthly pass is £105. Alternatively, drop-in classes are priced from £13-£17 depending on their length. Where? Fierce Grace, 53-55 East Road N1 6AH. get into the flow: hot yoga helps yogis get into some more testing positions

CITYMATTERS.LONDON 03 - 16 April 2019 | Page 21 Wellness Matters FOUR WAYS TO BEAT DREADED ‘IMPOSTER SYNDROME’ IN THE WORKPLACE THE overwhelming feeling of crippling self-doubt and dread known as Imposter Syndrome has impacted a whopping 62% of people at work, according to a report by Access Commercial Finance. The survey of over 3,000 adults in the UK shows over two-thirds of women (66%) have suffered from the condition compared to over half of men (56%) within the last 12 months. This raises a significant question: are women more likely to experience feeling inadequate in the workplace? International Women’s Day may have come and gone but Instant Offices, an office broking service, delved further into the data. They looked into why many women experience this adverse phenomenon, and why UK industries have the highest ratio of selfdoubters and how employees can beat imposter syndrome at work. Equality Over the last 20 years, the number of womenowned firms has increased, yet despite the growing number of female entrepreneurs and major global progress towards gender equality in the workplace, more and more successful women are speaking out about the burden of imposter syndrome. Despite evidence of success, women experiencing this paralysing self-doubt are more likely to believe they are intellectual frauds. This level of stress – waiting to be found out by peers – can lead to anxiety, burnout and increased unhappiness among everyone from entrepreneurs to employees moving up the ladder. As research suggests, men suffer 10% less than women, and when considering why women sometimes experience imposter syndrome at a higher rate, factors like workplace inequality and the pay gap may come into play. Statistics from YouGov reveal that, when asked whether they have had the opportunity to lead on a project at work, only 44% of women said yes, compared to 59% of men. Women are also less likely to have experienced a pay rise or a change your tune: learn to recognise negative habits Squash self-doubt bonus not connected to promotion, at only 40% compared to 53% of men. In addition, women say they are also more likely to be asked about their personal lives compared to men. Even though so many people have experienced imposter syndrome, the good news is that it’s not a permanent condition but rather a reaction to a set of circumstances, unrealistic self-expectation and stress. Some of the most popular suggestions on ways to turn it around are listed below. Accept praise and know your self-worth Don’t shy away from praise and compliments; accept your achievements and, if need be, write them down. When you try to talk yourself out of feeling confident in your role, all the proof is on paper. Knowing your worth means allowing your work to speak for itself and letting others see it, too. Stop thinking like an imposter Learn to recognise self-defeating thought patterns and replace them with more positive affirmations. The only way to stop feeling like an imposter is to stop thinking of yourself as one. Don’t seek perfection Stop believing that if you don’t excel at every facet of your job that you’re a failure at all of it. Facing challenges and losses is a key part of growth, so recognise that you don’t have to be good at everything. Know you are not alone Imposter syndrome tends to be the domain of overachievers, while underachievers tend to internalise less when faced with failure, or the prospect of it. If you’re constantly worried about not being good enough, chances are you’re in good company – most successful people constantly over analyse themselves.

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