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CITYMATTERS.LONDON August 2020 | Page 7 COVID 19: CITY STREETS TEMPORARY MEASURES Over the summer the City of London Corporation is delivering changes to City streets designed to ensure the safety of residents, workers and visitors as people return to the Square Mile. Temporary on-street measures include introducing: • more space for walking and cycling, including increased cycle parking • timed closures to motor vehicles on some streets (7am–7pm Monday to Friday), allowing limited access to premises for people with access needs, deliveries and servicing • closures of streets to through traffi c or other changes in operation, e.g. switching to one-way or giving priority to buses • an advisory 15 miles per hour speed limit • signage to promote social distancing and encourage considerate behaviour Have your say Complete our survey to tell us what you think about the changes To fi nd out more, visit Photo courtesy Carlton Reid @cityoflondoncorp | @cityoflondon

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