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City Matters 127

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City Matters

10 March - 06 April 2021 Edition 127 Find your regular copy inside... The City of London’s independent newspaper with 45,000 READERS LOOK HIM IN VIRTUAL BINGO PARTIES THE Court of Common Council has agreed to protect spending on social care, rough sleeping and academies as part of an effor to ensure the organisation’s finances remain on a sustainable footing over the medium-term. Elected Members discussed a number of proposals relating to the City Corporation’s 2021/22 budget amid a cha lenging economic outlook, which has led to significant lost income due to the closure of many services and facilities – including, in particular, the Barbican Centre. At a virtual meeting, councilors agreed an increase in the adult social care precept of 3.00% from 1 April 2021, to help in meeting additional social care costs during UK councils had the option to raise the pandemic. tax by a further two per cent, but They also announced that the City Corporation declined. council tax wi l otherwise be frozen Business rates premiums – used in 2021/22. However, that does not to support the City of London prevent a Government-enforced Police, security and contingency three per cent council tax rise for planning activity within the Square every local authority in the country. Mile at an enhanced level – wi l MOTHER’S DAY MEAL KITS The Dabbers bingo ha l used to You may not be able to visit be fu l of Mi lennials, but since mum in person, but you can going online, their over-the-top sti l order some local restaurantquality food to be delivered right games are loved by a l kinds of people around the UK Page 9 to her door this year Page 12 10 Mar - 06 Apr 2021 The City of London’s independent newspaper with 45,000 READERS Edition 127 Front-line services spend is protected Council tax freeze also announced by City Corporation’s Court of Common Council as members agree budget Social care is secured also be frozen at 0.8p in the pound in 2021/22 given the impact of Covid-19 on City businesses. Elected Members have also decided partialy to protect the Community and Children’s Services budget, which wi l see a reduction of 6% in 2021/22. This compares to 12% budget reductions across other services areas in 2021/22. In 2021/22, the City wi l also be implementing a new target operating model, enabling substantial organisational efficiencies. Chairman of the Finance Commitee, Jeremy Mayhew, said: “Elected Members today agreed to act prudently, strongly reinforcing, over the medium-term, the sustainability of our finances. “These tough decisions are crucial given the continuing financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertain economic outlook. “It is vital that the City Corporation has a robust financial plan, so that we can continue to provide high quality, efficient services for workers, residents and visitors. “We are commited to building back be ter and ensuring the Square Mile flourishes for generations to come.” Londoners with ‘long Covid’ P3 City’s culture plans for 2021 P10 & 11 New funding for Kiln Theatre P17 THE EYES AND TELL HIM THE RISK ISN’T REAL. Tony Covid-19 patient

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