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Page 12 | 16 - 29 October 2019 Food & Drink Matters CITYMATTERS.LONDON WHO SECURED THIS YEAR’S HIGHLY COVETED MICHELIN STAR RANKING? MICHELIN STARS don’t mean everything – at least that’s what those who don’t have one say. But the award does an outstanding job at highlighting the industry leaders of fine dining across the globe. And the City of London has always done well in this area. That’s especially true this year as they have just announced the 2020 winners. Prestigious These include some of the gastronomical institutions in the Square Mile which have continuously earned the prestigious Michelin stars for years on end, while newer restaurants just outside the City’s borders have continued to make it on the rankings. It’s a proper mixed bag of delicious Michelin-starred goodies. So, check out our favourite few dining destinations which have just secured their spot on the rankings. See why they are so celebrated! Brat Brat represents the new wave eateries taking over the Michelin rankings. They are creative, fun and also relatively laid-back locations. city_matters City All Stars La Dame de Pic: they’ve picked up two stars at this year’s awards Brat: order a whole array of meats from the grill This is where the cool food lovers with a pocket full of cash come to treat themselves. Indulge in some Basque-inspired food and plenty of meaty dished straight from their open woodfired grill. The menu doesn’t give much away in terms of what you’ll actually be eating but order what sounds nice, ask for recommendations and prepare for a rollercoaster of surprising tasty delights. And if you’re fans of Brat, then also check out the nearby Lyle’s and Leroy for more modern Michelin-starred fun. 4 Redchurch Street E1 6JL beat that view: you couldn’t ask for a more striking setting at City Social La Dame de Pic Anna-Sophie Pic is one of the very best chefs in the world, and the City of London is all too lucky to have her running La Dame de Pic at the Four Seasons Hotel in Ten Trinity Square. She has her three-starred restaurant in France (Maison Pic) but her London home has just moved up the rankings, from one to two stars. It is a testament to her unrestrained creativity and ability to balance many kinds of competing flavours on just one plate. She is also a refreshing personality in the kitchen, denouncing the traditional masculine ego and bringing some joy to the pass. 10 Trinity Square EC3N 4AJ Mãos This 16-seater Shoreditch site just picked up its very first star at the awards this October and is set to sky rocket in popularity. They welcome up to sixteen guests for a single sitting at dinner throughout the week, and ‘matinée’ afternoon services on Saturdays, all gathered around the communal table. Getting a seat isn’t the easiest feat. The menu features 14 courses of progressive cooking, drawing influence from Europe, Asia and the wider continents, yet free from classical distinctions. Any food loving Londoner should add Mãos to their dining wish list – we certainly have! 41 Redchurch Street E2 7DJ City Social Jason Atherton’s dark and moody restaurant with an art deco twist, set on the 24th floor of Tower 42 has secured itself the highly coveted Michelin star again this year. The views here are famous (hence why it was used in Killing Eve Season 2) but the food is just as special. When booking, try you darndest to get a seat in one of the booths looking out over the City of London’s cityscape. It makes the entire experience that much more exhilarating. 25 Old Broad Street EC2N 1HQ The Clove Club We tried out The Clove Club’s famous tasting menu just a short while ago and were totally bowled over by the whole thing. Especially all of the top-notch wine pairings. You get a hyper-personalised dining experience here, delighting in some expertly created modern British food within the Shoreditch Town Hall. And one of the greatest draw cards is the unstuffy atmosphere. Too often are Michelinstarred haunts a bit clinical and overly formal. The Clove Club: classy can also be a little bit fun Here, diners can relax a little and feel at home as they truly treat themselves for an evening – or even lunch. 380 Old Street EC1V 9LT St John St John is so quintessentially British. Walk into the white room full of a smattering of tables covered in white tablecloths. It’s St John’s blank canvas. No fuss is needed when it comes to the décor. Just let the food and drink show off instead. Get all the best British classics done to perfection all the while feeling good in the fact that these guys are highly sustainable and ethical when it comes to the entire cooking process. Being sustainable is sexy now – and St John’s has always been ahead of the game in this sense. 26 St John Street EC1M 4AY

CITYMATTERS.LONDON citymatters 16 - 29 October 2019 | Page 13 Food & Drink Matters FEAST ON ALL YOUR PERUVIAN FAVOURITES OVER AT PACHAMAMA EAST PERUVIAN and Japanese cuisines blend with a flurry of flavour and love at Pachamama East by Old Street. Sitting right on the busy Great Eastern Street, this split-level restaurant is a buzzing foodie hot spot. You’ll feel as if you’re hanging outside some old rickety restaurant in South America with potted succulents crawling all over the walls, festoon lighting hanging across the room and all the earthenware your Pinterest-living mother could ever hope for. Opinions The mood is further heightened by the evercool staff you find in Shoreditch’s spots like this. Fortunately, they’re super friendly folk who can communicate exactly what’s going on – and they have opinions about the food – it’s all good: but the duck on rice is something else LET’S DO... REFURB / City of London Distillery The Square Mile has only one gin distillery – and they have just reopened after a massive refurbishment. Get around some of their Gin Lab experiences during which you can make your own personalised tipple or simply head to the bar and sample some of their own professional brews. Some of the favourites include the original Authentic London Dry Gin, Sir Christopher Wren London Dry Gin, Sloe Gin and The Square Mile London Dry Gin. Welcome these folks back to the City this winter. 22-24 Bride Lane EC4Y 8DT NEW OPENING / Ozone The ever-popular coffee roastery in Shoreditch is opening up its latest instalment right off Hackney Road (sticking by the devout coffee lovers in East London). This massive 12,000 ft warehouse space will be more than just home to your next caffeine fix. The converted space will be open for brunch, lunch and evenings too – with live bands, DJs, food and booze flowing late into the night. They are already known for serving up some of the best coffee in all of London and are slowly taking over the City. Emma Street E2 9AP Peruvian Feast all refreshing finds. The tapas-styled menu is that. But you can just as easily go with your broken up into ‘snacks’ ‘small dishes’ ‘noodles waiter of the day’s personal favourites and add and rice’ and ‘large plates’ from which you can in a few random dishes for the sake of it. pick and choose as many as your belly can fit. We were all about the sticky pork belly Either go in on their Peruvian Feast set chicharrones to start off with, fighting over menu to make ordering easier – sometimes we these cubes of fat and meat as we sipped on some just want someone to bring us food and surprise essential pisco sours – a must for any Peruvian us with what’s on offer. This is a great spot for dining experience. And, of course, the menu is BEEF & WINE COMBINE / Flat Iron This October, Flat Iron founder Charlie Carroll is teaming up with the Holborn wine cellar, Winemakers Club, to open a new, and quite different Flat Iron. Harking back to their early days above the Owl and the Pussycat pub in Shoreditch, Flat Iron X The Winemakers Club stays true to Charlie’s determination to do a few things, but do them well. Here, Charlie is combining great wines (without all the fuss) with another underrated cut, bavette, from some of the best beef you’ll find in the British Isles. 19 Bevis Marks EC3A 7JA not a bad spread: order as much as you can here full of glorious ceviche dishes with the sweet potato and seabream topping the list. These highly acidic soupy dishes balance brilliantly against all the heavier and fatty dishes. And because it all just comes out as it’s ready, with small ceramic plates and bowls consuming the table over time, each bite is followed by something totally different. Even do what some may call sacrilegious and mix dishes, playing with flavour combinations as you go. Because screw culinary rules. This is how we’d eat at home. Play. Mix and match. Order more drinks. And repeat. And we can’t talk of Pachamama East without mentioning their ‘duck on rice’ dish which is far more enticing than the simple description. Mysterious It is served with some mysterious thick yellow sauce which works well with the perfectly cooked duck breast. Pair it with the hokkien noodles with puffs of fried beef fat and sweet soy sauce and you’re sorted. And, if you must, get around the caramelised aubergines which just turn to delicious moosh in your face as you tear into them. Dessert is also a winner. We recommend you order what they call ‘a roasted potato’ and just go with it. Don’t ask what you’re actually getting – it’s certainly not a roasted potato. We won’t tell you what it is. Just order it and thank us later. And the menu doesn’t offer up much of a description when it comes to each dish – but that’s a part of the fun. Some restaurants do this to be a little pretentious but Pachamama East rejoices in the unknown. Go a long for a ride. You won’t regret it. 73 Great Eastern Street EC2A 3HR

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