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CITYMATTERS.LONDON 19 February - 03 March 2020 | Page 15 SPONSORED ARTICLE subscribe to our newsletter at Imagine Children’s Festival takes over most of the Discover a World of Possibilities at the Language Centre, SOAS University of London. In the global village in which we live, the achievement of basic functional competence in a key world language is recognised as being a great asset. SOAS University of London, a centre of excellence in language study for over a century, offers classes in an unrivalled variety of world languages at all levels. Some might be hesitant about learning a non-European language, especially if it involves different tones or the writing uses an unfamiliar script. Yet the European languages that are taught (including French and Spanish) also have their idiosyncrasies. Every language presents unique challenges and dealing with them creates the fun and the satisfaction of mastering a foreign language. For any language, the ingredients for success are the same: regular systematic study, interesting and interactive learning activities, and the support of an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. You will find these key ingredients at the SOAS Language Centre. Its immersive classes, taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers, on weekday evenings or on Saturday mornings or afternoons, let you take a class that fits your lifestyle. You will find language study, whichever language you choose, a rich and rewarding experience. Regular evening classes resume on 20 April 2020. BROADENING YOUR HORIZONS Email: [email protected] Tel: +44 (0)20 7898 4888

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