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CITYMATTERS.LONDON 07 April - 11 May 2021 | Page 17 WELLNESS subscribe to our newsletter at are hosting a bunch just beyond the Square Mile’s borders. Either head to Cardinal Place or Shoreditch Park for a host of different open-air, sweat inducing activities. And they’re pushing two main classes – a 45-minute HIIT class and running session around the park as a group. It’s fairly limited for now, but plenty more classes will open up as the weather warms up. • Third Space Train Dirty The Train Dirty team have stacks of outdoor classes all over London – with the two City locations. Head to either Finsbury Square or Trinity Square Gardens in the Square Mile to try out one of their gruelling HIIT bootcamps. These aren’t easy classes. They are not messing about. It’s not for the faint hearted. They believe in what they call, ‘The Art of Suffering’. Individuals push hard and risk more alongside trustworthy peers. But the pain is totally worth it guys. God, you get results. Get your heart rate up, work on your tan and feel good while sweating it out with a bunch of people who share your love for fitness and pushing the limits – no more lonely exercises in your living room guys. Bring on social fitness classes. • Third Space London’s luxury health club, Third Space, have not just taken classes outdoors. These guys have set up workout tents at Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge, with all the workout trimmings. You will get as close to their club experience as possible with hard-wearing rubber gym flooring and surround sound music system in the Yard tents, and an immersive headphone sound system in the Cycle and Yoga tent. And as well roll further into summer, the Third Space team will be kitting out the spaces with Concept 2 rowers, ski-ergs, Watt bikes, assault bikes, dumbbells and our IC7 studio bikes. We haven’t heard of any other London gym going so far to help their clients feel safe while they get fit. There is going to be a lot of workout envy this year.. • Contact us for all your last minute printing orders letterpress lithographic digital SOCIAL ENTERPRISE PRINTING Ltd Traditional Printing with a Social Value 12 Pinchin St, London E1 1SA [email protected] 020 7488 9800

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